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   Unified Products and Services Incorporated (UPSxpress)

Transact repeat services on the following:

1) Remittance 

2) eLoading of Cellphones

3) Airline eTickets 

4) Travel and Tours 

5) Online Bills Payments 

Instant Home Based Business or Self Savings for Overseas Filipino Workers and Philippine Based Entrepreneurs or OFW Beneficiaries.

Basic Services in One-Off Lifetime membership/ No  Monthly Maintenance for use of the system.

Global Pinoy Remittance (GPRS) caters to a number of emerging market trends namely; Secure Online Payments among Tech Savvy Pinoys, OFW family generations among the Filipinos, the emerging future of eLoading in the Philippines and its love of text messages, the high percent of Pinoy Cellphone owners and many more.

Noticed that the number of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are steadily increasing (2012) and the remittances received towards the Philippines will reflect that.

The dip in OFW remittances thru banks is due to the entry of other online based remittance companies that offers a speedy, convenient and competitive prices like LBC express, iRemit, Xoom, WorldRemit and the likes of the GPRS express/ UPSXpress

About Global Pinoy

GPRS, myGPRSexpress or Global Pinoy Remittance & Services is a fully licensed legal company that deals with financial services related to remittance locally and Internationally, bills payment online, local and International airline ticketing, hotel bookings and eLoading business.

It has all the necessary documentation, Central Bank documents and legal papers to support its right to conduct legitimate business dealing financial services and Online based transactions.

Global Pinoy Remittance and Services (GPRSexpress) is successfully operating since 2009 as a traditional business entity. 

That time GPRS offers its System on the franchising model of marketing for over half (.5) Million Pesos. 

It was able to gain more than 700 franchise outlets all over the Philippines when it operated in that high capital investment franchise model.

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GPRS UPSXpress New Marketing Approach.

Its partnership with United Products Services (UPS) and a group of experienced marketers was officially launched in November 2011. (11-11-11)

To empower the Philippines, the hard working Filipinos, to produce business minded citizens. GPRS gives more savings back to the hard earned money of the ever growing Global Pinoy Communities sending cash transfers to their family & home countries worldwide. 

Global Pinoy Remittance and Services is a business idea. It helps the economic capacity of Pinoys to have a business with very minimal overhead costs that can be started immediately at the comfort of their own home.

All Pinoys & OFW welcomes the affordable PERSONAL DEALER PACKAGE offering of UPSXpress.

Be part of a growing Online Remittance and Payments Pioneer in the Philippines. It is the future of online convenience and business.

What are the possibilities of GPRS Global Pinoy for your loved ones & family dreams? How can it help an average Philippine family to start a small business? The video above will show us how.

Good news to join UPS Xpress family!

The new Dealer Package offers every Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) an online based business earnings or great savings opportunity that will provide everyone repeat earnings or saving on all or some the five (5) daily or monthly basic services on:

All this big & growing markets opens you to save or earn for an affordable and one off investment of Php7,998.00 pesos only.

If you have been wanting to put up a remittance business or a bayad center for bills payment, an airline ticketing agency or an eLoading business, this is the chance you are waiting for. Ordinary Filipinos dont have the millions peso bond money required, high overhead cost and technical know how to enter this big markets.

Now, Global Pinoy Remittance & Services (GPRS) is offering every Filipino household a Dealer Package that is most affordable using a world class technology.

If you want to earn or save on all 7 repeat, consumable, mandatory (must be paid) utility bills and other consumer services payed month by month, then this Business Package of UPSXpress is what you need.

This will allow you to EARN & SAVE  and will make you earn additional income from the referral program of the business that will naturally build up in the long term.

As a Unified Products and Services Dealer,  you will have a capability to build an ever growing network of Dealers and Retailers by sharing the global ready UPS Online System for sending money, online bills payment, airline ticketing and Cell phone Loading.

As you share your world class GPRS online system discovery of continous savings to fellow OFW's, friends and families, you can earn a growing
 profit share from Global Pinoy Remittance and Services company. 

The invited user, here, abroad or their families will be registered under your referral name so that you get an automatic money every time they use this everyday, every month top of the line consumer services.

Be a Global Pinoy now!

UPSXpress Global Pinoy CEO Manny Pascual invites you on a revolutionary online business idea.

Whether we like it or not, we are already part of the ever growing Online Technology Phenomenon. The shift on Online Method Payments and Social Media Communication is here to stay and grow. 

This trend will even be more bigger once every mobile phone users will gradually upgrade to internet connected smartphones. 

Be in front by taking action now and begin to start saving & earning on this growing market trend as Global Pinoy - UPS.

Learn to catch the TREND as the ''... basketball goes through the garden hose...''  

TIMING is going in at the beginning.. as it starts to expand... to earn & save the most.

The 'basketball' represents our fellow OFW's, their growing remittance & purchases, safe & secure online bills payments on basic consumer services, the growing travel and tours using airlines becoming common & the future of eLoading in the Philippines combined. This will be your Philippine market.

The 7 market expands as the combined consumers pass through the stages. 

Be in front of this trend, not in the middle, not in the end. 

That is TRENDS and TIMING combined. Build a continuous income cash flow business that can be handed down to your children. 

The time to act is now.

Magtulungan sa pag asenso ang Pamilya!


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Disclaimer: This is an independent Global Pinoy Team website for the promotion support for members of TEAM UP! This is not the official website of GPRS express. We are a group of professional marketers with members worldwide offering this business on profit sharing basis with our fellow kababayans. Our team members are fully registered dealers of GPRS Global Pinoy Express. Good business ethics & support are observed by our team. You are welcome to join us. Salamat po.

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