With Global Pinoy Remittance & Services (GPRS) Express, Transfer money or send money from anywhere in the world and anytime you want by using the GPRS Online System that enables you to transfer/send money online with the lowest remittance charges at the comfort and safety of your own home.


GPRS feature YouTube video demonstration of How to transact eCash transfer to Credit to bank of the beneficiary. 

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gprs receipt

A receipt can be provided thru the GPRS system. You can download it on your computer for reference & you also have a option to print it out.  This receipt sample is eCash to Credit to Bank (of Beneficiary)


bank remittance

This receipt copy is from a GPRS account feature called GPRS account (eCash) to GPRS outlet. More than 700 outlets/branches are all over the Philippines. 

This is the GPRS - Global Pinoy Bank partners that your GPRS dealer accounts can send Remittances using the eCash thru Banks feature. 

Transfer money from within Philippines or send your Remittances on this partner Banks. This is taken from the list updated as of April 23, 2012. This is in alphabetical order for your convenience.

This Bank affiliate list is expanding as more and more banks and their customers discovers the convenience offered by GPRS Global Pinoy.

Do you want an easy and safe way to send remittance just by using your laptop or internet connected cellphone? No need to rush or 'pila'?

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