Question 1: What is the Retailer Activation Cards of GPRS & How can we use it?  

RAC retailer activation card

 Retailer Activation Cards (RAC) are not loads or does not have eLoads on it, they are virtual LOAD WALLET. 

As a Retailer or Dealer with RAC's, you will have a lifetime discount on eLoads. Your ordinary SIM (of whatever network provider) can be converted to load up/Top up on all Telecom Networks once your SIM/Cellphone number was successfully registered in the GPRS Website.

RAC GPRS for Loading Business

  Pinoy Dealer Package has 40 FREE RAC included

Global Dealer package has 65 FREE RAC included

Note: Once a member you can always buy unlimited RAC's for 150Php/each.

The more RAC's sold or given away, the bigger your potential earnings! Its like having a mobile eLoading outlets, unlimited with no territory limit. 

Luzon, Bisayas and Mindanao can be your market, remember the 4 Billion pesos a day market? 

Its possible now with the RAC of GPRS.  

 How to activate/use the RAC?

Before you can use it, you have to register 
your RAC and you Mobile number that you will 
use for Loading Business. The procedure is as follows:

Open/ Click 

and click Login/Register
You will see Not a member yet? Sign Up! at the above center of the page, 
Complete the log in details and user informations (just skip Visa Card number) and registration activation (the RegCode and PIN is at the scratch-off in the back of the RAC)
Retailer Activation Card How to use

Then click Register. Review the data. Please avoid using special characters, unnecessary spaces and comma (,) in the user name, password, and address box. Then click Proceed.

After your successful registration, you may now start using your Mobile Phone as well as your computer with internet to start your loading business.

There are two (2) ways on how to use your RAC for eLoading

1) Using your Mobile Phone/Cellular Phones: Open Write Message and type 
[Plan Code] [Space] [11-digit mobile number] 
and send to your respected gateways (if your SIM is SMART, then use the gateways for SMART as shown below).

2) Thru the GPRS Website:

Login to your Account. 

Choose Transaction> Airtime amount and fill in the required fields (PlanCode and Mobile Number)

Note: In web for mobile number fields change the first digit (0) to *

Example: GLOBE100 *9791234567

Global Pinoy GPRS RAC gateways

Gateway Numbers of the 3 Telecom Networks in the Philippines for GPRS eLoading home business ( same 1 SIM for all networks)

Local Dealer Package has 40 FREE RAC's

Global Dealer package has 65 FREE RAC's

Note: Once a member you can always buy unlimited RAC's for 150Php/each.

The more RAC's sold or given away the bigger your potential earnings! Its like having a mobile eLoading outlets, unlimited with no limit territory. 

Luzon, Bisayas and Mindanao, remember the 3 Billion a month market? Its possible now with the RAC of GPRS.                                                                                        

eLoading as a the future trend Philippines

For a One Off Investment on RAC's, you can access to market not just on eLoad but also on vast choices of Gaming Cards and Prepaid cards. 

Good news to every entreprenuer minded Pinoys. 



 (2)How much should I invest in order to start in GPRS and what will i get in return for that?


GPRS Personal Webtool Account

65 Retailer Cards

2 Visa Card

Tarpaulin (2' x 5' landscape LOADING)

Local & International Remittance 

Traditional & 1 SIM to all NetworkLoading Feature

Utility & Consumer Bills Payment 

Local & International Airline Discounts on Ticketing 

Travel & Tours Discounts

International Hotel Bookings ( to be included)

Online Shopping (to be included)


GPRS Personal Webtool Account

40 Retailer Cards

1 Visa Card

Poster (2' x 5' landscape LOADING)

Local & International Remittance

Traditional & 1 SIM to all Network Loading Feature

Utility & Consumer Bills Payment

Travel & Tours Discounts

Philippine Airline Ticketing Discounts only


 This is how your Global or Local Package will look like: Its will consist of Poster + 40 or 65 RAC's + One (1) or Two (2) Chinatrust backed up Visa Card + a Personal Webtool account with Service Features that depends on your Investment Package.

* Note that the Tarpaulin is only given to Global Dealer Package while Local Dealers gets a poster. 


Close up view of the Chinatrust provided Visa Card. Did you know that a strict business and personality background check is done by any Visa Card provider on the Company and all its Company shareholders before issuing an Internationally usable Visa Card? Global Pinoy Remittance and Services Inc, passed this worldwide standard review policy. That is why as Global Pinoy you can now use your GPRS Visa Card anywhere in the world.

China Trust GPRS Visa Card
The close up view above is when you open this cover paper.

On the left side is the back details on the GPRS Visa Card.


On the right side is the leaflet paper cover when you receive your Chinatrust provided Visa Card. 

gprs visa card


(3) What are the advantages of being a Dealer of Global 

Pinoy Remittance 

and Services one off pay & lifetime membership 


A Dealer will have the privilege of savings or earning (or both) on four essential, repeat used consumer services, namely: eLoading, remittance, ticketing/booking and bills payment with the major difference of the Retailer Package, which can only access eloading and remittance (please refer to the FAQ number 2 above). 

The Benefits of a Dealer are as follows:

  1. Access to your own GPRS Webtool account - 24/ 7
  2. Transact your own business anytime. Open and close shop at your own time. 
  3. Limited to 10 transactions per day/ per account on Bills payment. 
  4. Unlimited eLoading transactions,  
  5. Unlimited Remittance and Ticketing transactions
  6. Own Mark Up in Remittance transactions 
  7. Own Mark Up in Bills Payment transactions 
  8. Own Mark Up in Ticketing transactions 
  9. Fixed Commissions in eLoading transactions (11-13%)
  10. 40 ( Local Dealer) & 60 (Global Dealer) pieces of Activation Cards (RAC) for Load Retailers worth Php 300 each
  11. Earn commissions for every referrals made and the transactions of that referrals.
  12. x

 (4) How long should I work before I gain back my 

investment in GPRS?

Return of Investment (ROI) can be achieved immediately in Global Pinoy Remittance and Services. 

The Local Dealer Package (7,998) will return a profit of Php4,002pesos and your Global Dealer package (14,998) will return you Php4,502pesos richer. Lets do the math on the Global Dealer.

Global Dealer will receive 65 RAC's included in the package. 65 RAC x Php300/each = 19,500pesos, you invested 14,998. 

Subtract investment of 14,998 to 19,500 will give you a healthy profit of Php4,502pesos. 

Who will refuse the RAC? 

By 300pesos only one off investment, this will allow them to save or earn on eLoad while they are using their cellphones? 

Will the RAC be hard to sell to 'text addict' Pinoys or give as a very welcome gift to brothers, sisters and near relatives? 


Online Electronic Top Up

(5) How do I run my GPRS business? Do I have to put up 

an Outlet or an office 

to do Remittances, Bayad Bills Payments and other more 


You don't have to put up any office to operate this global business, unless you decide to get the Franchise Package of 1.2 Million Pesos. 

Contact us if you want to avail this too.

Just log in your account in You are ready for business.

This will be your online Virtual Office right at the comfort of your home. Do your remittances, ticketing/booking, bills payment, and eLoading transactions, open and close shop at your own time. 

Below is how your online Webtool account will look like and some technical demonstration of the features inside. 

This is a world class programming done by Global Pinoy UnliTech and a future ready concept. The GPRS system is your business vehicle that can put you in front of big emerging online business trends in the Philippines.

Question 6: 

How will earn on Direct Profits on 

a) Direct eloading, 

b) Retailer Activation Cards (RAC) sales, 

c) Supplying of eLoads to my RAC holders (Overide or Indirect eLoading),

d) Remittance Profits, 

e) Online Bills payment, 

f) Airline Ticket Sales

Your Earning Projection will depend on the type of Business Package you Invested. 

GPRS GGlobal Pinoy PowerPoint

If you want to avail the Local Pinoy Business Package of 7998pesos One Off Investment, click to watch the Power Point slides above for an Income Projection.

Global Package Slideshare

If you want to avail the Global Pinoy Business Package of 14,998pesos One Off Investment, click to watch the Power Point slides for an Income Projection

GPRSexpress Money Transfer

Take note of the Remittance Service charges for each different choice of Transactions. Even non GPRS members can avail these services thru you!  A legitimate and truly global Pinoy & OFW business vehicle.

 (7) Does GPRS provide technical training to their 

members, interested persons or our representatives/ 


          Yes, and the good news is its FREE. Training Schedule is every Saturday at GPRS corporate office. Contact us and we can meet you up in a public place and accompany you there. We are a team of professional networker marketers who will be very happy to help you. Our Team Leaders is the one of the many who are authorized by GPRS to conduct the training. We can allocated a time afterwards the training to deal with your specific questions. Time of training is and subjects will be as follows:

     1:00PM - Ticketing 
     2:00PM - Remittance
     3:00PM - Bills Payment
Send us an email to arrange


(8) Can I delegate somebody to get my GPRS kits in behalf of me instead of shipping it in my address?

Yes, you may delegate your family or friends to get your GPRS kits in the GPRS Office. 

    We can meet them at the office for you.

mygprsexpress uk


(9) What makes system error when I register my GPRS Members?

       To avoid problems when you are registering online, please don't use any apostrophe (') neither commas (,)  nor any other special characters in registering the address.  

Use only digits, letters, or spaces as much as possible. 

The apostrophe, commas and special characters are causing system malfunction.


(10) What if i forgot my User Password, how can i reset my GPRS account password?

To reset password type: GENPASS and send to Gateway 

for Globe (09163800055) 

for Smart (09084442929) & 

for Sun (09239824222) 

using your registered Philippine based Mobile or Roaming number during registration.

If you are living or working abroad, please request reset of your account password addressed to Ma'am Lizel Cabrito at: 

(11) What's the use of the GPRS Visa Card?

    Once you have activated your GPRS Visa Card in the GPRS Business Website (it takes 2 to 4weeks to activate), you may use it as:

1. Remittance Card that enables online 

crediting (ATM) to send and receive money 

local and abroad in minutes.

2. Visa Card or Debit Card for your shopping

 to buy goods, commodities, and also for

 online stores both local and overseas.

3. Bills Payment Card which you can use to

 pay your electricity, water, telephone bills, etc.

4. Your GPRS Global Pinoy earnings can be 

transferred to this Visa Card by clicking 

abutton inside you GPRS webtool.

* Sealed PIN numbers for GPRS VISA cards are sent to your permanent address as inclusion to your package.

GPRS CEO Emmanuel Pascual (front center) signing agreements for Global Pinoy Bills payment Gateway, United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB).

Question 12: Who provides the one stop shop Airline Tickets for GPRS Global Pinoy? Is it the same as what we can buy from travel & tours agency/ companies?  

GPRS Global Pinoy airline tickets are provided by two (2) world leaders in Travel Management & Ticketing Agency, AMADEUS & ABACUS

amadeus provides GPRS tickets
amadeus philippines
amadeus global travel ticketing
amadeus- STI college partnership

Amadeus Philippines GM Albert Villadolid & STI partnership. 

Amadeus, the world's top Global Distribution System (GDS) and travel industry provider, recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with STI College.

 Listen to CEO Manny Pascual as he tells the audience who provides the Airline Tickets sold online on every Global Pinoy GPRS webtool account.

abacus who provides Global Pinoy air tickets

 Abacus Ticketing Express is also a GPRS Global Pinoy partner and Airline Ticket provider.

Question 13: What will I do in case I can not enter or access my Global Pinoy (GPRS) account? 

 Easy, just kindly send an email request to the in-charge at this email:

Along with the following info & data:

1) Reason for changing information

Mention ( Choose (a) or (b) or mention other reasons you may have.

a) Please unblock my account 

b) I have reached maximum login attempt & it automatically locked for security reasons

2) Your Global Pinoy Registration Code

3) Mobile Number Registered with the account

4) Email address used in the account

5) Scanned two (2) valid goverment issued ID that have your picture and signiture

Question 14: How can I unlocked my GPRS account using my registered Cellphone on GPRS? 

You can opt to type ' GENPASS using the mobile number used during the registration, Then send it to your Network Gateway. Please see below where to send your 'GENPASS' text: